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This is still in its very early stages, but I will gradually be expanding it, as and when I get time to scan in new material. Anyone who would like to help me with this project, please email me. Also, if you find any of this material useful please let me know.

I am also including links to copies of Hooker's writings on other websites. These are indicated with blue backgrounds and will appear in a new window.



‘On the Vegetation of the Galapagos Archipelago’ (1851)

This is the complete text of Hooker’s paper on the Galapagos plants; it was Charles Darwin’s request that Hooker classify the plants he collected on the Beagle that first led to the two men becoming friends in 1844.

Preface to the Flora of New Zealand, 1852

This is the brief introduction (5 pages) that Hooker wrote when he began the publication of the Flora Novae-Zelandiae in 1852. I have referred to it as the ‘preface’ to distinguish it from the much longer 'Introductory Essay' that appeared when the work was complete.

Himalayan Journals or Notes of a Naturalist (1854)

Hooker’s journals of his Indian travels are available on-line at Project Gutenburg as a plain text (ASCII) file.

Extract from the ‘Outlines of the Distribution of Arctic Plants’, 1862

This important essay first appeared in the Transactions of the Linnean Society of London, vol. 23 (1862), pp. 251–348. The extract included here is pp. 251–261 of the original; additional material will be added as and when I get time.

‘On Welwitschia, a new Genus of Gnetaceae’ (1863)

A PDF facsimile of this important paper, which includes several beautifully drawn plates.

Insular Floras (1866)

Originally, Hooker delivered this impressive work as a lecture at the British Association for the Advancement of Science meeting at Nottingham, on 27 August 1866. It was subsequently reprinted in the Gardeners' Chronicle in Jan. 1867, and in various pamphlets. The text was taken from an 1867 pamphlet reprint of the Gardeners' Chronicle version.

Anniversary Address to the Royal Society, 1878

Hooker’s speech to the Royal Society made when he resigned as its president in 1878 (after a five-year term). He discusses the state and progress of the sciences, including botany, paying particular attention to Darwin’s work on insectivorous plants and self- and cross-fertilisation.

Life & Letters of Joseph Hooker

The first full-length biography of Hooker, written and edited by Leonard Huxley with the assistance of Hooker’s widow, Lady Hyacinth Hooker. The first few chapters are included here; additional material will be added as and when I get time.

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