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This is a list of the main collectors from Australia and New Zealand (NZ) who contributed to Hooker’s work. I am still expanding it and would be very grateful for any additional information that anyone can add to what I have here. Please email me.

It is derived primarily from Joseph Hooker’s acknowledgments in his floras of New Zealand (Flora Novae-Zelandiae, 1855), Tasmania (Flora Tasmaniae, 1860) and the Handbook of the New Zealand Flora (1864). The entries under each collector’s name give brief biographical information, together with a guide to the archival and other sources that were used to compile it or which contain additional material.

In addition to the works cited under specific entries, the following were the standard reference works used:

  • Desmond, R. (1994) Dictionary of British and Irish Botanists and Horticulturalists: including Plant Collectors, Flower Painters and Garden Designers. London, Taylor & Francis and Natural History Museum.
  • Huxley, L. (1918) Life and Letters of Joseph Dalton Hooker. London, John Murray.

The Collectors

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